Common Home AC Problems

Common Home Air Conditioning Problems

home AC problems

Sometimes central air conditioners fail at the most inconvenient times like during the middle of a hot summer.  Typically the reasons for failure are fairly easy to rectify or can be prevented with regular maintenance from County Line, LLC heating and airconditioning.

Below is a list of the most common AC problems and what can be implemented to resolve them.

AC System Won’t Turn On

On occasions the air conditioning unit won’t turn on, but the fan inside the home is working fine. First would be to check the thermostat and make sure it’s functioning properly because a faulty thermostat can cause the entire central AC system to stop working.

If the thermostat is not the problem, check the circuit breakers inside your home and outside near the unit. If the circuit breaker trips again after you reset it, call County Line, LLC to repair the problem. Excessive tall grass or leaves around the outside unit can block the vents of your unit and damage the running capacitor.

Air Conditioning Making Excessive Noise & Odor

If you smell an odor coming from your vent, you probably have a air conditioning mold spore problem in the ducts. Typically most air conditioners while they are running make some noise which is normal.  Excessive rattling or vibration could indicate a malfunction of the unit.  In this case, you need your system checked for improper installation if it’s a recent new install. The air handler may be producing a high pitch noise when the air conditioner is running.  This is the part that moves cool air through the ducts in your attic.  If you have an older AC unit, the belt connecting the blower to the motor is slipping making this high pitch sound.  In this situation, turn off the AC unit and call County Line heating and air conditioning to diagnose and repair your system.

Air Conditioner Running But Not Cooling Your Home

If the air coming out of you room vents isn’t cold, you might have a faulty condenser coil but the condenser fan will continue to run. Other possibilities could be low Freon, circuit breaker, fuse or leaking cool air from attic ducts.

Having your home air conditioning system scheduled for annual preventive maintenance by County Line, LLC ensures your unit will run without failure during the hot summer months and avoid costly repair bills.


Home Air Conditioning Common Problems

Home Air Conditioning Common Problems

home ac common problems

In order for your home HVAC to function efficiently, you need to regular maintenance on the filters, evaporator and condenser coils. Neglecting this can cause low performance, higher electric bills and shorter life expectancy.

Some common problems with home air conditioners are from improper installation and no annual maintenance checkup. Unqualified AC technicians sometimes fail to find Freon charging problems and even make the situation worst by adding Freon to a system that is already full.

Air Conditioner Filters

Replacing your filter on a regular basis (cheap filters every 30 days or premium filters every 90 days) ensures good air flow and reduces dust and dirt from collecting on the evaporator coil which could impair it’s heat absorbing capacity. Check your filter more often during mid summer and winter since the AC runs more often.

Air Conditioner Coils

Over months or years of using your air conditioner the evaporator coil collects dust which clogs the coil thus reducing it’s ability to absorb heat. As part of our annual maintenance plan, our technicians at County Line, LLC in Columbus, GA check the coils and clean if necessary.

Common AC Problems

If your unit isn’t turning on, you could have electric control failure. Your compressor, fan controls or thermostat could be worn out from having your system turn on and off too frequently. If you have limited airflow, your ducts could be leaking or clogged.

Refrigerant Leaks

If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, you might have a leak resulting in the system turning on and off too frequently. Our certified technicians will fix any leak, perform a test, and then charge the system with the correct amount of refrigerant. The efficiency of your AC is greatest when the refrigerant charge matches the manufacturer’s specs and is not overcharged or undercharged.

County Line, LLC located in Columbus, GA has the best factory certified technicians to help you with any home AC problems you might have so call us today and experience quality service at it’s best!

Why Buy a Carrier Air Conditioner?

Why Buy a Carrier Air Conditioner?

carrier air conditioners

Carrier Air Conditioning Columbus GA Phenix City AL

Carrier experts invented air conditioning over 100 years ago and now, using the latest technology, have created a wide selection central air conditioning systems to keep you comfortable and cool. Carrier is one of the world’s largest cooling system manufacturers and was originally founded by Willis Carrier in 1902. Over the past several decades Carrier has maintained their position as a leader in development and improvement of cooling technology.

Carrier manufactures three different series of air conditioners which have impressive energy efficiency and can help lower your utility bills.

  • Comfort Series This line enables you to cool your home economically and with a SEER rating of 16.5 will help you save on your electric bill.
  • Infinity Series This line is designed to give you total comfort and allows for optimal controlling with a SEER rating of 21 which helps you save on your heating and cooling bills. Higher SEER numbers save you more money on your home central air conditioning system. A 13 SEER air conditioner uses 24% less energy then a SEER 10 unit. SEER 13 is the minimum efficiency standard by law.
  • Performance Series This line is designed to cool any size home and, operates quietly and has a compact design that fits easily into restricted spaces.

Authorized Carrier dealers are required to meet extreme standards of customer satisfaction which require high levels of customer satisfaction based on customer satisfaction surveys. Our Carrier AC technicians have a NATE certification with many years of experience which ensure you the best service available.

10 Year Compressor Limited Warranty – 5 Year Parts Limited Warranty

Carrier’s air conditioning systems are recognized by Builder Magazine and Consumers Digest as having the most energy efficient models available on the market. Every system has environmentally friendly Puron refrigerant, two-stage compressor.

HVAC Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

Avoid Expensive Repairs on Your Air Conditioning System

HVAC air conditioning preventive

We offer preventive maintenance plans for the Columbus GA and Phenix City AL areas which are essential in keeping commercial/residential air conditioning systems running efficiently while extending the life expectancy of the heating and cooling system. Commercial building owners can keep operating costs minimized by implementing a preventive maintenance plan.  Our courteous and friendly certified technicians have many years of experience when it comes to air conditioning preventive maintenance and repair. Below are items we clean, adjust and inspect during your annual checkup.

  • Inspect air ducts for leaks and clean for greater efficiency.
  • Check wiring for loose connections which could result in a intermittent shutdown of the system.
  • Check proper calibration of the thermostat.
  • Checks system air filters and replaces them if necessary.
  • Clean coils and mechanical components of the HVAC system.
  • Check freon levels in the air conditioning system and adjust if needed.
  • Measure the temperature of air entering rooms and determine if temperatures are correct.
  • Inspect boilers and furnaces to determine if dirt buildup or damage could result in safety issues.

Implementing our preventive maintenance plan makes your heating and air conditioning system run more efficiently resulting in lower operating cost and extends the life expectancy alleviating the possiblility of expensive repairs. Inefficient or malfunctioning HVAC systems can impact employee productivity and give a bad first impression to customers.

If you live in Columbus GA or Phenix City AL, call County Line LLC today to setup a air conditioning repair  or for repairs to your heating and air conditioning system.